Tim Tebow Haircut

Suddenly, carrying shoulder pads off the field doesn't seem so bad.
Denver Broncos rookie Tim Tebow(notes) received a ridiculous haircut, courtesy of his veteran teammates, last week at training camp.
A picture of the new 'do was posted on LenDale White's(notes) Twitter account:

tebow haircut

Part Friar Tuck, part Gargamel, all amazing. We imagine Tebow will be allowed to cut off the rest of his formerly spiky mane soon, but here's hoping he's made to keep it for a day or two.
In the meantime, Tebow might want to check to see if Jockey makes hats.

source: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/Photo-Tebow-gets-Friar-Tuck-haircut-courtesy-Br?urn=nfl-260942