Visual Kei

Visual Kei refers to a movement among Japanese rock (jrock) musicians and is characterized by the use of elaborate costumes, eccentric, looks and hairstyles. The Visual Kei look usually involves striking make-up,

The "kei" in Visual Kei is japanese for style of type, meaning "visual style music" The music ranges from eighties goth rock, to heavy metal to punk and usually some combo of the three. Most bands are indie but a not many make it to major labels such as Malice Mizer, Raphael, & Dir En Grey.

Visual Kei has influenced Harajuku style fashion, especially those who gather on Jingu Bashi - a pedestrian bridge connecting the bustling Harajuku district with Meiji Shrine.

On the bridge you could find Visual Kei cosplayers (those dressed as their favorite musicians) and those in the subculture known as Gothic Lolita based on Lolita fashion. Often fans of such bands also will dress up for concerts, meet ups, and other events where they will see other people who enjoy Visual Kei.